Russellville, Arkansas, USA; August 1, 2007

Name: James McKinney

Date: 08-01-07  9:40 – 10:00pm

Location: Russellville, Arkansas

Message: About 9:40pm along Inter State 40 A large triagle shape craft flew across the highy way toword the nucler plant. The craft was triagle shape with a large light a each point.  The large craft was acompanied by a smaller craft that was bright and glowing with a flashing light on top. They were fling low enogh that I could clearly see that these were not normale air craft!

About 10 min. later they flew back across in front of me going the same direction in witch they came. Out of sight and they were gone.

Thanks for your time
James McKinney

One thought on “Russellville, Arkansas, USA; August 1, 2007

  1. todd phillips

    last night here at the foot of pealer gap on the plainview side of danville mt 3 miles south of the shooting range i saw 3 lights moveing togather very slow with no sound at had two lights in front that wasnt very bright at all but the 3rd light was very brite .itwas moveing west .then changed direction and then went due south total viewing time  about 5 min anyone else see aything on aug 24 2009 e mail me plez


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