Pawling, New York, USA; 1985

Name: Rochel

Date: Evening, maybe around 7 or 8 PM. Around 1985/1986. May have been fall/winter.

Location: North side of Route 55, between Freedom Plains and Pawling, NY.

Message: I saw a large craft with many lights hovering silently above a house. I watched it for about 10 minutes while pulled over. I regret not having taken better notes on colors, shape, etc. I suppose that was because I already figured they existed and was not that surprised to see it. Friends that I told that evening told me that there had been many sightings of a “laser show” which they read about in the Pennysaver.

I cannot imagine how a laser show could have manifested this sighting. Now I wish I could go back and better document the encounter. Did anyone see something like this in this area?


  1. Name: cheryl

    Submitted on 2008/02/20 at 7:34am

    I am wondering if what you saw and what I saw in the summer of 85 are related. I am in Michigan. While coming home from dinner apx 11pm, my friend and I witnessed an enormous fire ball with a wide v tail. It was traveling west. Every car that was on westbound I-69 stopped to observe this amazing sight. We never saw anything in the media to support what we saw. Any help would put this mystery to rest for us.


  2. I saw an extremely large object around dusk after leaving a barbecue.  It was a Christian barbecue with no alchohol served, so no – I was not drunk!  I drove my mother home and saw this item again over head after dropping my mother off.  From the original sighting to the second sighting, the mileage was about 8-10 miles.  The first sighting, the item didn’t appear so large; however, at the second point, I literally had to look from out the left window to the far right side of the windshield.  I live in the suburbs of NYC and could not believe that no one saw this monsterous object!  I started assessing the size by thinking about it landing.  I kept thinking that if this object were to land, that it would cover several towns!  I remember hanging on to my daughter’s hand in the front seat of my car.  I also remember leaving the barbecue where it was light out – turning dusk, and dropped off my mother (which should have taken about 15-20 minutes maximum), and remember the second sighting and realized it was completely dark out.  I don’t recall the timeframe.  I just know what I saw.  This was not a small light in the sky or a flickering light.  This was so huge, I kept looking from the left side of my car . . . to the right . . . and back and forth!  There were no other cars on the road and it was eery and quiet!  Again, I know what I saw and to date, no one I have told believes a word I have said.  We live 30 minutes from NYC, so it is a highly populated area.  It was very strange and totally different from any other so-called “UFO sighting” I have seen on TV or read online.


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