Ellicott City, Maryland, USA; August 13, 2008

Name: Mandy

Date: August 13, 2008, 9:00pm

Location: Ellicott City, Maryland; MD-100

Message: On August 13th, around 9:00pm my husband and I were driving on route 100 East. I saw a really bright light in the air hovering over the fields of Howard High School. I had my husband pull off onto the shoulder because From far away I thought it was a helicopter with the spotlight on, but as we got closer it was no helicopter.

We got a really good look at it. it was a disc shaped and silver it had 2 bright white lights on each side that also went to the bottom. It was very still hovering over the fields of Howard High School. I went to get my phone out of my daughters diaper bag to take a picture, but by the time I got the phone out to take a picture it took off very fast going south.

It was very low and my husband and I have never seen anything like this in our lives before. We have no idea what it was it was definitely an unidentified flying object. It was also very close to the ground and we got a very good look at it we tried to find where it went so we could get a picture but it just disappeared. I know people probably think we are crazy when we tell them but I don’t care I know what I saw. I now believe there is something out there.

Westminster, Maryland, USA; October 16, 2008

Name: Mike

Date of Event: October 16th, 6:30PM

Location of Event: Westminster, MD

Message: I was driving on MD-97 leaving Westminster going west towards Eldersburg. As I was coming towards the intersection at MD-32, I saw what I believe was 2 objects to my left (south). Both had 3 solid lights that were displayed in a straight line. I’m color blind, so I don’t know what color the lights were, but they were all the same size and were not blinking or flashing. One of the objects looked like it was hovering.

The second looked like it was coming from left to right at an angle that would have brought it in front the other one, the lights were roughly at a 45 degree angle and were slowly leveling-out to a horizontal angle. My window was down and I didn’t hear any sound except for the passing traffic. My immediate thought was they were gliders because they weren’t moving very fast, if at all, and I couldn’t hear any sound from them.

Then I realized, they couldn’t have been more than 500 ft. off the ground and I don’t know of any airport or landing area nearby that they would be able to reach without power. They were large, I would estimate about 150 ft across. There is a small airport in Westminster, but they had to be at least 5-7 miles away from it.

I couldn’t see any outline, just the lights. As I glanced back at the road, to make sure I was staying in my lane as I drove through the intersection, I must have passed the objects. I pulled-over to the shoulder, about 100 yards past the MD-32 intersection to get a better look. When I turned around to look, the objects were gone. I was surprised that I didn’t hear or see anything on the local news, since there was traffic going in both directions which would have meant there were plenty of witnesses.

Maryland, USA; August 3, 2008

Name: hans

Date of Event: aug 3rd around 10:30pm

Location of Event: USA Md. rt3 by the old abandoned air force base

Message: i was out standing in my garage while i let my dog out to do her thing…. i was just looking up into the sky maybe about a half mile away i saw two lights one half red the other half green. going real slow and pretty low at first i thought it was a plain. but then relized the lights were not flashing after about 5 seconds of looking at it a huge white flash happend and the lights were gone!!!!

Caroline County, Maryland, USA; June 15, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: 06/15/08

Location of Event: sky over caroline county, maryland southeast of the big dipper

Message: On 06/15/08 at approx 11:00 pm my husband and I both saw a light appear, get brighter and brighter, then fade out slowly and dissappear. Then at 11:12 pm we saw it again. It was in the same place and did the exact same thing, again. We watched the sky until midnight but did not see anything else.

Owings Mills, Maryland, USA; January 1, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: 10pm, January 1, 2008

Location of Event: Owings Mills, Maryland

Message: Did anyone else observe the hundreds of flying objects over Maryland on January 1, 2008, around 10pm?  My wife and I were in our hot tub.  I looked up and saw what I thought was a satellite, but I then noticed there were many more.  We were in the tub for 20-30 minutes and a continuous stream of objects moved from about southeast to northwest the entire time we were outside.

All of the objects moved at the same speed, but because they had different light intensities I assume they were at differing altitudes.  Some moved in a perfect line of three in a perfectly spaced row, so there is no way they were a natural occurrence.  We heard no sound from them, and they all had continuous light intensity (non-blinking).

A commuter jet passed overhead during this period, and it was obvious by the flashing lights and sound that that one object was a jet.